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Use it to stamp the perfect wing into the outer corner of the eye and then pull the line through the lid. Turn a small amount of pencil at a time to make sure the tip doesn’t break. Tilt your chin down and gently press it onto the roots of the lower lashes.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a really hard black lining. Work quickly with this one because once it is configured you will need an oily makeup remover to remove it. The thin pencil can be drawn very close to the lash line or mixed with the tip of the stain, but the appearance is configured for up to 24 hours.

Harper’s BAZAAR participates in several affiliate marketing programs, which means we can receive commissions paid for editorial products purchased through our links to shopping sites. Sometimes you just want a beautifully sharp definition that lasts all day. Something clean, clean in calligraphy and incredibly infallible. Allure Best of Beauty Award winner, the Master Precise Skinny ™ Gel automatic pencil has a 1.8mm SMALL microtip to easily create the precise look of the lining you’ve always dreamed of. For use, most of these products require you to tighten the lid until you hear a click and activate the coating. Then keep your head up while looking in the mirror to get a perfectly curved wing line.

The pencil runs automatically, so you never have to worry about a sharpener and it takes no less than 24 hours of wear. The liquid eyeliner at CoverGirl Pharmacy glides smoothly over the eyelids and creates the desired appearance without fading all day. “He behaved like a waterproof lining, but when you wanted to take it off, he came out easily and left no trace,” said a fitting room. Let the formula dry completely to see the final color. Danessa Myricks Beauty is about flexibility of make-up artists and this eye color does not disappoint.

Moreover, it comes in an amazing range of colors and finishes. We have now reduced 15 of the best eyeliner pencils so you can fly, shadow and squeeze the way you want. Not only does it have dozens of different technicolor shades in glossy, matte and satin finishes, but Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner is also incredibly easy to use.

We’ve put together the best eyeliner pencils in a convenient location, with selections from brands like Fenty Beauty, LancĂ´me, Burt’s Bees and more. Consider this your shopping guide for the most colorful, durable, clear and intensely pigmented formulas on the market. They are all easy to use, most are easy to spot and none of them will play a disappearance when they arrive at 2pm.

Our longest pencil eyeliner, the Tattoo studio sharp gel pencil eyeliner, could also be our most versatile. The pigments are ultra intense (there is a tone for each. single. mood.) and continue smoothly, elegantly. It has a built-in sharpener, so it always has that cool, clean place to dramatically define the tab. eyeliner tattoo Kohl is traditionally used by dipping a rod applicator into a powder which is then dipped along the eye water line. But other formulas today come in waxy applicators that look like chubby colored pencils. Due to their large size, they do not easily create precision lines, but they work well for a spotted effect.

It is also available in a wide range of colors, so you can combine your makeup with your mood, and for that price, who wouldn’t want to. The waterline is a difficult place to use eyeliner because fluid in the eye can cause it to stain and rub, but this Urban Decay option challenges the chances. It is a really rich and creamy chalk that, once erected, will not move. After application, keep the eyelid open for a while to dry it out. This winner of the GH Beauty Breakthrough Award has a round applicator that allows you to roll in a perfect and accurate line that lasts a long time.