23 Fruity Alcoholic Drinks For Your Next Home Party

Here are our best summer cocktail recipes. From our refreshing frozen strawberry daisies to our rumpunch and sour pineapple whiskey, there is a recipe for every summer day. We also have an excellent collection of gin cocktail and jug cocktail recipes to try, perfect for meetings or lazy summer afternoons. Or, if you’re looking for more classic brews, try our best cocktail recipes. Whether you like your sweet drinks or less, classic or modern, Caribbean or completely American, there is a fruity alcoholic drink for everyone. So get some fresh fruit, fruit juice and spirits and mix a fruit and fruit mix from your favorite mixed drink.

It has become so popular that most restaurant versions deviate from the essence of the real. Here we show you how to make a pina colada … It is so full of refined and intriguing taste that it becomes your choice.

This 1970 tropical drink is a twist on the classic pina colada, but even better. The star-ripened rum, coconut cream and orange juice, which add intrigue and nuances to this refined drink. Complete with a little grated nutmeg and wow!

Who can forget the fluffy navel when talking about sweet and fruity alcoholic drinks?? The cocktail was invented in the early eighties, when not many creative updates were produced in the cocktail scene. If you like a sweet taste in your mixed drinks, these fruity alcoholic cocktails will please your taste buds. From martini-style cocktails to fruity tropical drinks, you will discover a wide variety of sweet alcoholic drinks for fruit lovers.

It can be its refreshing taste or that nice cup of copper (or both)! Midori, orange juice and vodka, this cocktail is a sweet and light summer tipper. Make an extra effort by decorating it with a variety of real melon balls for a drinkable version of an edible setup. As you know, fruity cocktail recipes include the bleeding family, including wine, hard alcohol and fruit. The fruity cocktail recipes on this list are not only delicious, but also easy to assemble.

This surprisingly bright green cocktail with melon-flavored spirits brings acid to another level of fruity alcoholic drinks. When vodka gifts it comes to sweet alcoholic drinks, the pina colada does it! Did you know it’s a classic cocktail invented in the 1950s??

If you find it a little sweet and a little sour in your fruity drinks, you will love the lemon martini. Made with lemon juice, corn syrup, vodka and a sugar rim, lemon drop tastes like a cocktail version of candy. For this fruity alcoholic drink, it would be most difficult to try to wait for it to freeze.

It is sweet, fruity, tropical and just tasty. These sweet alcoholic drinks are fruity, creamy, drunk and everything in between! From classic to modern, these cocktails suit every occasion.

Adjust as you like by serving it on ice, adding some warm, bitter walnut flavors with nutmeg or adding fresh fruit dishes. We also hear that you can also prepare this in advance. But be careful, don’t add fruit and ice until you serve it. Iced tea, you can make this peach-colored cocktail. First place a base of vodka and peach brandy and then add slices of peaches and lemon before finishing with some freshly made tea.