Activities For Children

You can get everything you need to start your Dream English lessons for free; songs, flash memory cards, colors, worksheets, game ideas and lessons and more. In our English for children sets (ca. 500 words / level) we cover interesting topics that are suitable for children. In addition, children become familiar with many typical English songs, children’s songs and stories. In the storybook “Magic Chest” children also experience charming and imaginative adventures.

Fun games and activities are an essential part of teaching English as a foreign language. Whether you teach adults or children, the games will brighten up your class and make your students leave the class to want more. It doesn’t matter if your child starts making mistakes or doesn’t start talking to the right grammar right away. A child’s brain must undergo a process of decoding and understanding a language while understanding grammar. Starting to speak a language often starts after a long period of thinking, listening and understanding of concepts. Grammar is essential because it allows the reader to understand the language framework.

Children learn to read, write and the first grammatical rules as levels progress. More information about our teaching materials can be found here. I don’t know of an EFL teacher who doesn’t use this game in class. Board Race is a fun game used to revise vocabulary, 地道生活英語 be it words from the lesson you just learned or words from a lesson you gave last week. It can also be used at the beginning of the lesson for students to activate. It’s a great way to test what your students already know on the topic you’re going to teach.

Each category is divided into smaller areas, which come with printing materials and ideas on how to use them. This is a great game to encourage teamwork and bring a sense of competition into the classroom. No matter how old we are, we all love good competition and this game works wonders for all age groups. It is perfect for practice times, word order, reading and writing skills and grammar. Make sure it starts from the beginning while you teach children grammar.

Your child learns the language informally and with all senses, through games, songs, movements, paintings and especially fun. Emphasis is placed on understanding the language and speaking freely. Children intuitively learn basic grammar and are consolidated with special games and exercises. Reading, writing and grammar rules are added based on age and level.

This is a site for English students full of fun activities, games, songs and worksheets that can help you with your English. We offer tons of free and ready-made teaching materials and language resources for online use. Below is a list of Dream English song pages that I recommend to teach the basics.