High Fashion Replicas of Military Wear

Contemporary menswear is often inspired by high quality replica shoes. There is a constant stream of high end designers who spend time and effort in recreating the original pieces for an enthusiastic clientele. From focusing on the vintage styles from archives, to using the right looms to weave the fabric, the designs fit right in with the modern mans wardrobe.

Inspired by the role of Steve McQueen in the World War II movie, Buzz Rickson’s brand is a high-class product focusing on military jackets. Manufactured only once a year this garment is manufactured in the Tokyo factory.

Limited Edition Folk Clothing

The limited quantity has many enthusiastic followers. In order to re-create these pieces the designers conduct detailed analysis of the archived vintage pieces. A great deal of effort is put into duplicating the material by weaving it according to the technique utilized on the original piece.

The structure of the fiber, weave technology and spinning techniques are all analyzed. This allows the designer to prepare the jacket in the same way as the originals were. For example with nylon the melting point is observed and then it is subjected to a infrared spectrum ray analysis to assess the change in temperature and the rays.

In order to conform to the fabric requirement the brand actually makes investments in repairing the original machines that were used to create folk clothing to match the original. After studying the original design the military jacket is finished off with the accurate markings and badges conforming to the military ranks and the 1940s dead stock snaps and zips are also combined to create a collectible item.

Folk Clothing Replicating 1970’s Youth Look

Housed exclusively at the leading outlet Gabicci Vintage uses high quality fabrics and follows the archived designs to replicate the look of the youth from the 1970s. This folk clothing is very inspired by the 1970s Northern Soul scene. It is closely associated as the brand popular with using industry and is often sported on famous musicians from the music bands like Oasis as well as The Courteeners who have greatly popularized the ‘G’ logo.

Contemporary menswear is complemented with the right accessories which are individually crafted and stand their own ground in terms of quality and utility. Sunglasses manufactured by the leading Australian brand for eyewear AM follow military grade specifications in terms of the nylon fiber utilized to create the lenses on the sunglasses. Apart from this each of the frames for the sunglasses and eyeglasses is hand crafted in Italy. In order to ensure durability and get your money’s worth the eyewear is tested 45,000 times to ensure that the hinges are good for long-term use.

For high style sneakers and kicks that conform to folk clothing styles, the perfect item is on the line with the Alife NYC brand. Popular with the fashionable youth and quality conscious gentleman across New York and the world, this brand is the perfect complement to finish off folk clothing. Not only is it stylish and comfortable is actually is easy to wear with both formal and casual outfits.

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