Highest Paid Medical Professions

While they need health professionals, they don’t exactly want foreign professionals. Speaking of rural areas, highly developed countries looking for doctors also face similar challenges with their medical staff. There are few doctors who prefer to work in a village rather than in a metropolis.

Every year, thousands of young doctors and specialists migrate to the UK to join the NHS, which offers decent wages and an acceptable workload. As much as doctors try to migrate to countries that need medical professionals, they also want to move to places with better wages and better working conditions. The following are the highest paid countries for doctors in no particular order. In order to cope with the Covid-19 crisis, doctors and nurses from different parts of the world, in particular from OECD countries, were called upon.

With about 27% of doctors trained abroad, the biggest problem one would have with this country is the language barrier. As a result, doctors interested in practicing here must be fluent in French, German and Italian. It’s also important to note that family physicians in the United States spend an average of 40 hours a week seeing patients, device industry news while in Mexico they have an average of 36. Interestingly, Medscape also analyzed how satisfied physicians were with their job performance. For the United States, it was 91 percent, while Mexico reported 89 percent satisfaction. One of the reasons U.S. doctors are well paid is because medical schools are so expensive here.

The Netherlands offers great opportunities for young doctors and specialists to work in a good environment and receive high salaries. Family physicians in the United States earn up to $223,000 per year, while specialists earn $329,000. The United States takes the crown in our list of the 10 best countries with the best doctors in the world. America can be the subject of jokes when it comes to expensive health care. Although doctors are in high demand in several countries, it is worth carefully considering when choosing a place to move.

According to the OECD, doctors in Luxembourg earn an average of $357,300 per year. Family physicians earn up to $278,900, while specialists receive $352,300 per year. Doctors can also enjoy other benefits, such as free transportation and accommodation.