Learning Management Vs Learning Platform

In this sense, education has more extrinsic value for the individual, while learning is very different. This comes from the individual, unlike in the case of education. Let’s examine the difference between the two words through this article. Certain people cannot capture and remember that much information on different topics, while other people seem to be human sponges and can easily absorb facts and figures. I think education is a limited term and can sometimes be misinterpreted, while learning is a more general and easier term to relate in terms of a school environment, a work environment or our social life.

Education is conceived by an educator who transfers knowledge to other people. Education and learning are similar, but they are not exactly the same. A person constantly learns where education is based on what he learns during his education.

The reason is that children spend a lot of time at home these days for the computer, smartphone, tablet, etc. It doesn’t make sense that I use new technologies all the time at school because I don’t think children should spend most of their time with them. Perhaps children would be more successful in their future work and make more money, but in my opinion that is not the most important thing in education. I would use new technologies to teach children how to use it for new knowledge, and learning games are also very important. Education should not always be combined with the interests of the economy, it should be combined with the interests of children. Dunn and Dunn focused on identifying relevant stimuli that can influence learning and manipulating the school environment, around the same time that Joseph Renzulli recommended different teaching strategies.

They also believe that critical thinking, social responsibility, health and safety are often neglected. According to UNESCO, “scientific education is a strategic necessity to provide a country with the basic needs of its people”. Education and learning are two words that are often confused because of their proximity to their meaning, although there is a difference between them. Therefore, they should be considered as two different words with different meanings.

The Soros Foundation offers many opportunities for students from Central Asia and Eastern Europe. Programs such as the International Baccalaureate have contributed to the internationalization türkiyədə təhsil of education. The global online campus, led by American universities, offers free access to teaching materials and conference files recorded during royal classes.

Only 66% of black households in the US I had broadband services for home use in 2019. Only 45% of African Americans owned a desktop or laptop in 2015. Without internet or computer access, black parents are at a disadvantage in training their children. Student mental health has been severely affected by the pandemic.

How different competence-oriented personal learning differs from traditional learning?? A learning specialist is a private instructor for students, parents and teachers. They focus on metacognitive and compensatory learning strategies and take into account the style and learning difference of each student. Many also offer instruction, training and remediation in specific academic areas such as reading, writing or math.