The Best Window Cleaning Agents

Squeegee blades are also available in multiple sizes, usually 8 to 14 inches. If you have small window panels, you want to choose a smaller knife that fits in the room. Professional cleaners need a way to carry all their important tools. Covers can be made to fit any tool tightly so that they are safe no matter how high the cleaner has to climb. Professional window cleaning requires the right tools and equipment for effective and flawless cleaning. Read more about the equipment that your window cleaning company will use in your commercial or high-rise to make it clean and beautiful.

7-inch blade maneuvers over shower walls, car windows or household windows with ease. However, the short handle does not connect to an extension stick, which means that it is most suitable for smaller windows. Immaculate windows can transform living spaces, but you’re probably not excited when it’s time to clean them. These cleaning agents help you remove stains and remove water for a striped shine.

The scrubber has a plastic blade that can be replaced when worn. Our selection of Unger window cleaning tools includes everything you need to keep your windows clean. Telescopic posts make it easy to reach high places, while scrapers clean dirt and dirt.

Window cleaners across the country are connected to the energy and knowledge of Keith Kalfas. We are pleased to present this window cleaner high wycombe professional window cleaning food set designed by Keith. High quality kit with all the basic tools needed to clean windows.

The best homemade window cleaning solution is to mix two liters of water and one teaspoon of liquid to wash the dishes in your bucket. Some people also choose to use vinegar and water to clean windows. The reusable and machine washable window release sleeve is designed to provide superior cleaning power, much better than paper towels or sponges.