Things To Do In Livigno, Valtellina

To top off your breakfast, you’ll be served Rosumeda, a nutritious treat made from coffee, eggs, and marsala. It was traditionally drunk by a newlywed couple who used it to give them the energy needed to consummate the marriage! The energy was welcomed by the fact that I spent another day exploring the tracks. Before I go into the other, I want to explain the history of the building.

Shopping in Livigno has become a real fashion, also thanks to competitive prices, especially for alcohol, tobacco, clothing and everything that has to do with Hi-Tech. Livigno is one of the most famous resorts in the Alps and with a special charm both in winter and in the summer months. The friendly huskies are always ready to accompany you for a walk, even in the summer. Each participant wears a climbing harness to which a dog is attached. Alternatively, the 5km winter dog sledging route can be tackled in a go-kart pulled by a team of huskies.

Or maybe you prefer to read the newspaper while enjoying a hot coffee in one of the cafes scattered around the city. Catch a show in the theater, or just walk down the main street and watch people pass by. We didn’t expect to eat out as much because of the high prices in the restaurants. The prices turned treno rosso del bernina out not to be that high if you go to the right place. And the right place was right in front of our house, by “right” I mean one of the tastiest pastas I’ve ever eaten for only 5 euros. If you go and check out the menus, you’ll see some good mom-and-pop restaurants that won’t hurt your wallet too much.

If you upgrade to red runs, this is a paradise for skiing and snowboarding. There are many and everywhere, some seem very spacious. There are also pretty good black tracks for the brave. If you’re not the type of bus person, you can always go cross-country skiing in the town of Livigno. Breakfast is served in the private upstairs room in Costaccia and is a brilliant fresh selection of cereals, fruit and hot food with everything you need.

The paragliding experience in Livigno is a guarantee of fun, but above all of safety. Alternatively, for the more adventurous, there is also the option to drive a go-kart pulled by a team of sled dogs on the same route that huskies take in winter, to try a fun summer version of sled dog. Livigno’s Ice Arena is the perfect place to have fun skating.