15 Best Things To Do In Incheon, South Korea

At the airport you will find a museum of Korean culture, Korean restaurants in replica of hanok and various performances including traditional music, dance and costumes. If you have a long scale, check out the free transit travel service offered by the airport. The park covers 727 hectares, making it the largest urban green park in the city. It has lush vegetation and a peaceful environment where people come to picnic and landscapes. During the spring season you will find Cherry Blossoming everywhere in the park.

It first opened in 1992 and was called “My Land”, but has since been converted into what is now called “Wolmi theme park”. This park is a popular spot among many 대구오피 locals for leisure activities or just relaxing and resting. You can find people who have a picnic, horseback riding, cycling or even just lying on the grass.

Although not the largest beach, there are many activities to participate in this beach in Incheon. Visitors can rent boats and take trips on the water, participate in a variety of water sports, rest on the beach or go fishing on the beach in Eurwangni Incheon. This Incheon Park also features a botanical garden, peaceful lakes around the park and light hiking trails. If you are traveling with children, the park is an excellent outdoor option.

A water taxi service crosses the lake for transport and tourism. Incheon South Korea is also known for its many expats from all over the world and is becoming increasingly popular among the city of Songdo. While living here, I was able to explore and walk several places in Incheon and share a local perspective on things to do in Incheon.

You can also participate in other activities, such as playing or enjoying beach toys. Rental of SUVs and horse riding are among the other fun activities that may interest you. We will share with you the unmissable tourist attractions of Incheon, including the famous Chinatown, quirky street art, beautiful parks and fun family activities on Wolmi Island. Many of the attractions are free to visit, within walking distance and also perfect for all ages.

With so many local and long-haul flights in and out at any time, the airport is quite tolerant of sleepers, even those who spend the night. You will find plenty of comfortable chairs and even free sun loungers and massage chairs! Because the doors are advertised just before boarding, rest and relaxation areas are the best option to soothe, especially on floors 3 and 4. Most rooms are dimmed at night, so the lights are not super bright.

You can walk on the paved concrete paths under the structure. You can visit their website to check the monthly schedule in the Tri Bowl. Incheon Arts Center: One of my favorite places to enjoy good meals and drinks is to wait at the Incheon Arts Center.

Commercial areas, residential areas and green spaces combine in the district at a suitable price and the city is clean, safe and gradually modern. It is also a popular filming location for many K dramas, such as “Class Itaewon”, “Crash Landing on You” and “Goblin”. If you want to see the sea at Seoul, Wolmido Island is a suitable place to visit due to its proximity to Seoul.