Aluminium T-slot And T-groove Frame Systems

It consists of an aluminum alloy with silicon and magnesium as the main alloying elements, which increases strength. 6063-T5 is most popular for T-slot aluminum extrusion as it has the best extrusion properties everywhere. It can also refer to the T-slot aluminum frame as an 80/20 frame.

When comparing the two alloys, the cost of steel compared to aluminum is one of the most important factors in determining which materials to use for a work. Affordable tooling costs make the development of a custom aluminum extrusion mold or aluminum profile surprisingly economical. Did we mention that T-groove aluminum profiles are also cheaper than welded steel? Framing Tech is proud to offer T-groove aluminum profiles in the following metric sizes. Although it may seem complicated, the concept behind the aluminum T-slot is very simple. This allows you to combine other aluminum parts without welding.

This is an example of a machine protection used in an OEM application. This machine protection has a separate access point for the control panel of the equipment. MK aluminum frame systems have more than 200 different profile shapes and more than 2,700 connectors and system components. A machine that works well should also look good in the workplace. The aluminum is shiny, eye-catching and looks great, while providing a solid and reliable solution for your protection and other project requirements. Great company, I ordered a few test extrusions, it turned out very well and now I keep ordering them.

Another important aspect to consider is the cross-sectional area, which affects the overall weight of the set. Since the best profiles are very stiff and light, the best performance indicator is the ratio between the moment of inertia and the surface. The following T-Slot Aluminum Extrusion table lists some important parameters for five well-known extrusion models. As described above, it all depends on what you do with the bar. The most flexible and versatile frame system on the market, offering a choice of profiles, connectors and system components.

Surface finish is also a very important factor to consider when starting the extrusion process. This allows you to determine the speed and force you will use in the extrusion process. Every time you order T-Slot aluminum extruders, you will receive them in standard sizes.

T-groove aluminum extrusion is a good choice because they are relatively light, but with strong strength, are easy to cut to a certain length and excellent machining, do not rust. The reason for this is that TIG welding is not easy to learn; It takes time, practice and immense precision. If you want extrusions for structures that passers-by will see frequently, a clean look is crucial.