Audio Bible Book

Thankfully, fifty years have now passed and people pe bible book have the opportunity to listen to “God’s Word for this new age” using an audio Bible book. The most popular, best-selling book in the world is now available in the form of an audio book. Instead of 67 wax records running at 16 2/3 Rpm speed it now fits onto one CD-ROM disk.

Some people believe that listening to the bible being narrated is actually better than reading it. You may ask yourself why some would feel that way. One of my friends made the point clear to me. He asked me, “can you recall something your dad ever wrote to you?” My mind went blank. After a few seconds he said, “Now try to recall some things your father told you?”

My mind filled with memories of things my dad had said and my friend’s point was made. Actually, we probably remember best and absorb the most when we read along at the same time we hear something being read to us. Have you ever heard the phrase oral tradition? For centuries the Bible was read aloud, many parts were memorized by those who didn’t have a hard bound copy.

Listening to the Bible Online

Nowadays, the bible has been recorded using digital mp3 files and one can listen to the entire bible being narrated by simply accessing the internet. Yes, you can listen to the entire Bible on the internet being narrated by the man that was the first ever to record the bible, Alexander Scourby!






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