Luxor Routes For 3 Or 4 Days

These highlights include the Valley of the Kings, the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut (Deir al-Bahari), the Colossians of Memnon and the Karnak temples. Enjoy a full day tour through the best monuments of Luxor. Upon arrival at Luxor Airport, you will join your Egyptologist guide, who will take you to the Nebas Necropolis, the Valley of the Kings, and will consist of graves embedded in the mountain. After visiting the graves you will be transported to the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut. Then you will be taken to the Colossians of Memnon, then you will have a lunch break after you have been transported to Karnak. After exploring the sites, you will be transferred to Luxor Airport .

I have always been fascinated by the ancient history and religion of Egypt. I would like to visit it one day and Luxor is prominently on my to-see list. I loved your photos and information about less popular area attractions.

This tour included all the places we wanted to see with accessories along the way. We were able to add a boat trip on the Nile and a stop at a fruit plantation. It was an incredible pleasure and it gave us more to do before we had to go to the airport. One of the best parts of this trip is that they offer an unlimited amount of cold water. It was a hot day, but somehow they kept the water cold all day. Located in the south of Egypt, on the east side of the Nile River, the ancient city of Thebes, the capital of Egypt, is at the height of the power of the Pharaohs.

About 30 pharaohs contributed buildings to this site over a period of at least 2,000 years, making Karnak the largest religious site ever. Take a short walk south along Avenida de las sphinges to the Temple of Luxor. A visit to this large sunset temple is very memorable; when it is beautifully lit it is a magical experience. Exclusive hotels along the beaches, making it a popular winter destination for many Europeans. Go diving, diving, windsurfing and kite surfing, visit the Giftun Islands, swim with dolphins and even take a day trip to Luxor.

Hidden from the view, under the sand and against the hills of Theban, there are 64 well-known graves carved by hand in the valley. The real highlight of the day is the Valley of the Nobles. Here, the guards still use broken mirrors to direct the sun’s rays to the graves to illuminate their beautiful interior. On the walls and ceilings of this temple you can see beautiful paintings and murals, their colors are still vibrant despite the passage of time.

Staff are friendly, just a 7-minute walk from Luxor Temple and costing us just $ 6 a night for an air-conditioned private room. It is not the cleanest place, but it is clean enough, especially if you carry a sleeping bag with you during your travels. Known as the open-air museum of Egypt, Luxor offers visitors the opportunity to experience the ancient Orange Bay in Hurghada world in its temples, monuments and graves. In this incomparable hot air balloon adventure, see Luxor from the top of the desert and take beautiful photos in the morning light as it rises in the air. Known as the religious hotbed of Egypt, this 100-door city has huge temples, rivers, a vast desert and the ruins of the famous western valley.

Hot air balloon tours in Luxor take off near the Valley of the Queens in the West Bank and land on the outskirts of the city. If you are looking for unforgettable things to do in Luxor Egypt, this should definitely be on your itinerary. But I recommend that you time yours until dawn for the most magical experience.

Even today, new graves are constantly being discovered and new treasures are found. Egypt has a lot to offer, but much of the reason people are so attracted to this country is history. Egypt has an incredible ancient history that has fascinated the world for hundreds of years. You don’t have avid history buffs to be impressed by the stories and stories you will learn on your trip to Egypt. It is an excellent way to see the city and its surroundings, as it will give a great impression of the vastness of the valleys and landscapes where the ancient Egyptians lived and built their temples and graves.

We also made the balloon ride and it was worth seeing the same graves and temples from an aerial view, as well as Luxor and Nike. I recommend this tour package as the best way to see Luxor comfortably and everything it has to offer. Daily excursion to see the highlights of the ancient monuments of the West Bank and West Bank in Luxor.